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The Future Is Here for Containers6/8/20207.03 MBDownload
2019-12-11 - Batch Execution Mode on Rowstore Indexes - TPC-H Queries12/15/201916.14 KBDownload
2019-12-11 - Batch Execution Mode on Rowstore Indexes - Demos12/15/20194.26 KBDownload
2019-12-11 - Batch Execution Mode on Rowstore Indexes12/15/20196.82 MBDownload
Introduction to Azure Data Studio11/13/20194.10 MBDownload
SQL Server's Path Towards an Intelligence Database10/10/2019626.05 KBDownload
Introduction to Using Power Apps6/13/20193.67 MBDownload
2018-9-5 Xioachen Wu - Building a Hybrid Data Platform with Azure SQL Database and SQL Server6/12/2018509.39 KBDownload
2018-01-10 Sunil Agarwal - Strategies to Speed Up Data Load into Clustered Columnstore Index1/13/20184.29 MBDownload
2017-04-12 Jimmy May SQL 2016 AGs - Perf, Internals, & Lessons Learned 2017-04-125/15/20174.63 MBDownload
2017-5-10 Pedro Lopes Gems to help you troubleshoot query performance - SP15/15/20170.45 KBDownload
2017-03-08 Mirek Sztajno - Resumable Online Index Rebuild3/10/2017109.15 KBDownload
2017-01-11 Patrick Townsend - Encrypting Private Data1/13/20174.19 MBDownload
2016-11-09 Perry Skountrianos - SQLServerInWindowsContainers1/13/20172.37 MBDownload
2016-10-12 Davide Mauri - TemporalTables1/13/2017151.84 KBDownload
2016-09-14 Gems to help you troubleshoot query performance - Pedro Lopes1/13/20174.20 MBDownload
2016-04-13 - Anatomy of an IO Tuning Exercise - Theresa Iserman1/13/20172.60 MBDownload
2016-03-09 Michael Rys - Azure Data Lake and U-SQL links1/13/20170.62 KBDownload
2015-10-14 Cindy Gross Big Data for the SQL Eye1/13/20173.54 MBDownload
2015-09-09 Jimmy May SQL Server on Flash Re-Thinking Best Practices1/13/201710.16 MBDownload
2015-07-08 Joe Yong - SQL Server 2016 Stretch Database1/13/2017599.50 KBDownload
2015-04-08 Ron Talmage - Building a Static DW Server1/13/2017768.51 KBDownload
2015-02-11 Piotr Palka - Database lifecycle1/13/2017153.54 KBDownload
2015-03-11 Cem Demircioglu Azure Data Factory1/13/2017577.71 KBDownload
2014-07-11 Theresa Iserman - Not so simple backup1/13/2017530.13 KBDownload
2014-03-12 Sunil Agarwal InMemDB MemoryManagment1/13/2017190.64 KBDownload
2014-02-12 Greg Larsen DBA Toolkit1/13/20177.68 MBDownload
2014-01-08 Buck Woody - Find a Mentor - Be a Mentor (Link)1/13/20170.16 KBDownload
2013-12-11 Itzik Ben-Gan APPLY Operator (Link)3/3/20140.12 KBDownload
2013-08-14 Diane Robey - Spatial Index Hint Chalk Talk3/3/20142.01 KBDownload
2013-11-13 Matthew Roche Power BI3/3/20147.36 MBDownload
2013-08-14 Argenis Fernandez - Code-Less Securing of SQL Server3/3/20141.36 MBDownload
2013-07-10 -- Jimmy May -- SQL 2012 (and a peek at futures) Columnstore Indexes -- PNWSQL 3/3/20141.66 MBDownload
2013-06-12 Sunil Agarwal - InMemory OLTP3/3/20145.68 MBDownload
2013-01-29 Carl Rabeler3/3/20141.96 MBDownload
2012-10-10 Richard Waymire - SQL Server 2012 Certifications3/3/20142.90 KBDownload
2012-06-13 Diane Robey - Merge Replication3/3/2014593.67 KBDownload
2012-04-11 Susan Price - ColumnStore Indexes3/3/20141.04 MBDownload
2012-03-14 Sanjay Mishra - AlwaysOn Design Patterns and Lessons Learned.ppt3/3/20141.66 MBDownload
2012-01-11 Don Pinto - SQL Server Encryption.zip3/3/2014491.90 KBDownload
2011-12-14 Carolyn Chau Whats New for SQL 2012 Reporting Services.pptx3/3/20143.66 MBDownload
2011-11-09 Argenis Fernandez - Troubleshooting with Sysinternals.pptx3/3/20141.94 MBDownload
2011-08-10 Barclary Hill and Gert Drapers - Database Development with Juneau3/3/2014285.88 KBDownload
2011-07-13 Conor Cunningham - Update Queries (link).txt3/3/20140.27 KBDownload
2011-06-08 Naveen Garg - Fulltext and Semantic Search3/3/20141.81 KBDownload
2011-05-13 Michael Rys - Taking SQL Server Denali Beyond Relational3/3/20141.69 KBDownload
2011-04-13 Sunil Agarwal - ActiveSecondary.pptx3/3/20142.41 MBDownload
2011-03-09 Diane Robey - PASSStandardEdition.pptx3/3/201477.73 KBDownload
2011-02-09 Itzik Ben Gan - Bug or Feature ppt and scripts3/3/2014153.54 KBDownload
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